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What is MTM?

Mystery to Mastery (MTM) is the most modern, easy to use and logical approach to trumpet playing available.  
MTM offers you Step-By-Step troubleshooting advice.  

MTM is for people who love the trumpet and want it to be easy. 

A ground breaking and top selling method by Dancing with the Stars (OZ) lead trumpeter, Greg Spence.





Hi Greg great website after a brief resume. I am a trombone player in a big band and was wondering if your principles are transferrable to my instrument.Or maybe you have other recommendations. Best wishes and Happy 2015. You are obviously inspiring many trumpet players around the world which is great. MJ
The concepts are very valid for bone and all brasses and as it turns out, other woodwind players are getting involved and I have even had a video used in a Singing eBook. I have had several (some pro) trombone players use the books and some even use the leadpipe idea just to lose any excess tension in the lip oscillator even though the pinching issues aren’t quite as problematic on trom. 

Efficient humming, singing, body resonance and lips interacting with the airstream in the same way the vocal cords do is what MTM is all about. It is about efficient sound production, no matter the horn.

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